There are about 83 million US households that have pets, a survey by National Pet Owners found in 2015 . This growing community has a  need to connect with each other, connect with businesses that serve them and stay informed on the issues that impact their pets life. Petluvs mobile applicatiion allows for such a community. Pet owners can share articles , pictures and videos of their pets with each other while staying integrated with popular sites like Instagram , Twitter and Facebook. 
For single pets it is difficult to find opportunities to form social relationships with others of their kind. Not just dogs and cats, but rabbits, rats, bearded dragons and snakes all animals have this desire. Otherwise our pets are suffering. not cool. Petluvs mobile application allows users to create play dates with other fitting pets. Aw how cute!
There are other mobile applications in this space. MyPetEd, PetSnap, RateMyPuppy and PetCentric are somereally cute iPhone/Droid applications for pet users. Petluvs is unique in that it allows pets owners to set up their pets on dates with other pets on the  application. Petluvs does not verify the backgrounds of their users and their pets. PLease be sure the pets in your plat date network have their uo to date immunization shots. Users are  advised to exercise caution when making social networking online