Regulations and Guidelines: Pet Food & Nutrition


Pet Food is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Agriculture (or equivalent department) in each State. The State Department of Agricultures and the FDA work together in an organization called the American Association of Feed Control Officials, or AAFCO. AAFCO develops Model Laws and Model Regulations for the

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Poaching and Endangered Species


Poaching is a serious threat to the survival of many animals in the wild. Added with the increase in organized gang activity many animals face extinction. Sometimes its not even criminal gangs or poachers. Rural populations faced with economic challenges resort to this trade to feed their starving families. Whatever the drive, many animals face

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Pet Wellness & Productivity


The result of looking at pictures of cute animals is sure bliss, yes. Now, researchers are saying looking at pictures of cute animals, baby animals, puppies and kittens not only help to improve overall wellbeing, but helps to increase attention

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Pet Illness and Care


Observable abnormalities in our pet’s behavior warrants immediate veterinarian visit. In most cases a change may not be sudden but gradual. All the more reasons to maintain a regular schedule with a local veterinary clinic. Pets can catch a bout of their regular diseases like fleas and ticks, but also human like illnesses like arthritis,

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Regulating Agencies in the Pet Industry


Having a pet is no easy peasy job. Its like becoming a parent. We grow increasingly concerned on what our pets eat, drink, the toys they play with and the other pets they interact with. Fortunately there are several Regulating Agencies in the Pet Industry that drive policies and standards in this space.    

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Mobile Pet Apps to Fight Animal Cruelty


The number of animal cruelty cases reported is fractional to the volume of incidents perperated everyday against our defenseless creatures. Most cases are never reported. Now with mobile technology being ubiquitous and  internet connectivity widely available society stand a chance is fighting back against those turture and hurt of luvly pets.  Petluvs mobile application equipps the user to document and inform nearest ASPCA

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